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Dimitri Belikov
24 | Guardian | Brooding Dhampir
a dhampir and the second child and only son of an abusive Moroi father and Olena Belikova. He is the younger brother of Karolina Belikova and older brother to Sonya and Viktoria Belikova. He is a famous Guardian, guarding later Lord Christian Ozera, before guarding Ivan Zeklos and Princess (now Queen) Lissa Dragomir.
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a question has plagued me for the last few days…


What do you give a woman who has given you everything? A reason to live when I was sure that I no longer deserved the right - a love that I had been certain was just that of fantasy. A year ago today I asked you to be my wife and you gave me yet another gift by actually agreeing. Since then you have also given me a beautiful baby girl who is just as perfect as her mother.

So what can I give you?

a small reminder of the love of your family, and the promise of many years to come.

- Comrade.


You gave me the most perfect gift ever… something I’ve always wanted—a family all my own. And we’ll be adding to that gift soon… but it might be a little late to be considered an additional Valentine’s Day present. *Giggles happily and rubs stomach* This time I know  it’s gonna be a little buckaroo. I can just feel it.


"Wait wha - " He paused for a moment as he looked from her smiling face to her hand that was protectively grasping her stomach. It didn’t take long for it to truly click in the mans mind." Really Roza..?" Truth was that allot of people had thought Anya was a flook, a one time miracle but the fact that she was pregnant - again. Without warning he picked her up and spun her around in his arms." You do not know how happy you have made me love!" He said before placing her down on her feet, leaning down and pressing his lips against hers.

When people are mistaking Dimitri for Rose’s father - you know you did it wrong.


Tom and Chris moments in Thor: The Dark World gag reel → More fun than should be allowed.