24 | Guardian | Brooding Dhampir
a dhampir and the second child and only son of an abusive Moroi father and Olena Belikova. He is the younger brother of Karolina Belikova and older brother to Sonya and Viktoria Belikova. He is a famous Guardian, guarding later Lord Christian Ozera, before guarding Ivan Zeklos and Princess (now Queen) Lissa Dragomir.
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          Somehow I’ve duped 250 of you into thinking that I’m quality, which is amazing because I didn’t think I was that good a liar. But in order to celebrate this momentous occasion, I’ve decided to give back to all my beautiful followers and do a giveaway. 


  • must be following me
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  • don’t unfollow once the giveaway is over ( hella rude )
  • Giveaway ends June 4th

☽ —— First Prize; One Winner

- 50 icons of the faceclaim of your choosing (assuming of course that you don’t have a super scarce fc).
- a pretty graphic promo for a month
- a fanmix or graphic of your favorite ship

☽ —— Second Prize; Two Winners

- 25 gif icons of the faceclaim of your choosing
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gif icon examples:


                     Let the games begin, and may the odds be ever in your favor!
                                                                                                                        xoxo Kari

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make me choose:
anonymous asked: RDJ or Chris Hemsworth
     ↣ “Thanks for having us. Chris will be answering all your questions and I will be glaring at you.” - Robert Downey Jr. 

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  1. having a strong sexual desire for a celebrity, their body and soul
  2. cause of death if left unattended

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Mama wolf and Baby Mikaelson→ video promo 1x22 season Finale

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The last week or so has been really wonky at home and truth is it doesnt seem like it will get any better. All the drama has left my muses… rather flighty. However I am usually always here lurking and doing drafts as muse lets me. However just so you know… you can reach me
here here or here

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