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Dimitri Belikov
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a dhampir and the second child and only son of an abusive Moroi father and Olena Belikova. He is the younger brother of Karolina Belikova and older brother to Sonya and Viktoria Belikova. He is a famous Guardian, guarding later Lord Christian Ozera, before guarding Ivan Zeklos and Princess (now Queen) Lissa Dragomir.
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How do I feel about rp partners? (Answer for Anon)

That could be a rather complicated question nonnie - since out of my little group I am pretty sure that I am the one with the most rp years under my belt. I think it is about six years that I’ve been roleplaying - since there was a time when I was homeschooled and well - I wanted something to do! I have roleplayed on forums, myspace, rpme - ect though I have only roleplayed on tumblr since last sept.

But if you want to partake in some of my zen wisdom on the subject. It is this - roleplay partners are the people on the internet that really get under your skin, probably even more than any friends in real life because roleplay partners - they know how your head works and the evil fluffy things you usually like to do to your muse.

Just something I have also sadly learned over time is that - roleplay partners can also hurt you. Drama can be formed out of little things and escalate into something ugly. Ive been lied too, stabbed in the back, made fun of more times than I care to count  and Ive lost allot of people I considered friends because of it. Though isn’t that how human beings are sometimes? Problem is with rp partners I tend to think that when lose them - they hurt you - it cuts a little deeper.

But don’t let that defer you! because sure you will get hurt - just I still have some friends that I keep in contact with even though we don’t actively roleplay anymore.

There are a few people that I have known forever and still love dearly. Who I can always message after months of not talking and they still act like no time has passed.

Brittney: This girl I have known for four years (maybe more) and we have never had a single disagreement. I always used to rp with her and trust her with anything - it was like talking to my twin sister cause of how alike we where, hence my nickname for her. Twinny! We have fallen out of touch a little more recently because rl is a bitch but I hope we will get to talking more often soon - maybe Ill even bring her over to the tumblr side.

Louise: What to say about this girl? She is another one Ive known for years and she is probably one of my best friends - ever. She spent two weeks with me and still loves me - that has to mean something right? I love my bubbles to bits and I dont know what I would do without her crazy danish ways. <3Squishy.

Justin: This guy is probably the person Ive known the longest - cause I used to rp with him for awhile back when I was Lana Lang though we didn’t really become friends for another two years when one of my ten year old OC’s dropped a bookcase on his Dean Winchester. Ahhh friendship right? I sometimes wonder if I have such a weird sense of humor from talking to this guy to much hehe. Even though there has been drama with groups in the past - in the end he is still my big brother Lukey and that will never change. 

Now I have saved the best for last - the VA fam. Cause they are who you really want to hear about arent they? Well I found these lovely group of ladies because I stumbled upon the-adrian-ivashkov. (Look at you Garet you brought us all together) and completely fangirled because there was VA RP and active on tumblr - so I anon’d her and asked if she knew any good Rose’s cause Im sorry Dimka is not complete without a Rose. She directed me to a few including guardianrosemhathaway - so I made Dimka, found my Rose and the rest is history!

Cause they are all my bitches in the most loving and endearing way… and I am secretly plotting to drive infront of their houses and this is what they will see. Don’t ask ladies - JUST GET IN THE FUCKING CAR xD

Just these girls - I haven’t known them as long as I often believe but I still love them all dearly like they where my own flesh and blood. Having them to back me up got me through allot of heart ache after some other friends went two faced on me - made me believe there where still people I could count on. Sometimes I wonder if they really know how much they have done for me. With their kind words, silly antics - they really bring me up when Im so far down Im not sure I can come back from it. I talk to all if not most of them daily and when I dont  - I pout like a five year old.

Just let us hear it for the girls shall we?

Sammy: What is there to say about Sammy? I could probably go on and on but this damn post is already getting gigantic - I wait for tumblr to go ‘does not compute’. Sam is the Ro to my Mitri but she is also like the big sister I never had. She is always there to offer her wisdom, to make me laugh, to perv over guys, or offer to beat up those who hurt me. Whenever she comes on I always perk up no matter what my mood - she always finds a way to either cheer me up or get my mind on something else. Though she also is good at sending me to bed if I have something to do in the morning - or make sure I work on my homework when I get spacey and forget. Which happens…. Sometimes I wonder how she puts up with such a slow Dimitri Ivan Warren just I know that if she didn’t Id probably go sob - cause she is an amazing Rose and an even better friend.

Heather: My floribabe! My sister in Floridian albino-ism…..cause that is totally a word. I truly love this girl to pieces - even when she says she gets grumpy all I want to do is hug her and make it all go away or plot to take down those who made her in such an icky mood. She has listened to me vent so many times I dont know how she still has ears cause I thought I would of talked them off by now.. Just this girl understands my crazieness and randomness - and I cant wait till Augest so we can fangirl over TMI, go on amazing adventures to Walmart to nom people  and of course hitting the stip clubs!

Letty: This girl - I swear a part of me has taken over my muses mind set and has become rather protective over my charge Letty. She is so sweet and funny - I hate when people get her down. She is an amazing person and you all would be lucky to know her the way the rest of us do! Except Heather - you can’t know her like Heather because no one sinks my ship dammit » But yes you mess with my Christian I will go Russian god on your ass. *hides in bushes waiting* o_o

Eli: I love her - I just freakin love her. I don’t care that we still don’t have our muses interacting often  - it doesn’t matter! Because I love talking to her whenever she is online, with her dirty mind and always finding a way to make me laugh. Or even when she threatens to use the mummy voice on me when I dont go to bed or do my homework - that is when I consider going to hide with Seth o__o Though I know he is lucky to have such an awesome mummy anyways ;] and Im lucky to have such a awesome friend.

Garet: She is not in the Skype crazyness as much as the rest but that is because she has to go bring home the bacon for the family! *coughs* I mean she works xD but that doesn’t mean I love her any less - she is literally the sweetest person you would ever want to meet… how could anyone NOT love her? I mean really I don’t think it is physically possible…I always look for her on the dash because she always posts something to make me giggle or hit me right in the feels. I love you nap partner <33 or wait we dont speak about that in public… I STILL LOVE YOU.

Brooke: BABY BROOKIE! the baby of the group and one of the newest members but I consider her family no matter what she says. Like Garet I don’t talk to her as much as Id like - I blame the time zones… but I still love her to bits - talking about flinging fruit at peasants. She is an amazing person and anyone who thinks otherwise - prepare to meet my pineapple hie than! 

Sophie: Me and Sophie just really started talking but I already love her - she is a great rp-er and I know she will fit right in with all the crazies! Because once you are accepted - you never escape MWHAHAHAHA -*coughs* I mean :P


but really - all of these girls are near and dear to my heart and even though I rarely go bitch anyone out - you don’t mess with them because than I will have to get all protective Dimitri on your asses.

And we dont want that now do we? 

Well anyways this was an answer for a curious nonnie - hope it helped!

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